[140720] KBS Entertainment Weekly, Full HD With Timestamps, ENG SUB
[140720] KBS Music Bank Full HD Artist Timestamp English Subs ENG SUB
[Video] #Giant 40-Meter #Hole Mysteriously Opens In #Siberia #Russia
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Dozens of #Hummingbirds #Swarm Red #Sugar Feeder
#Extreme #Sliding Off A 50ft #Cliff Into #LakePowell, in #4K Video

[140720] KBS Entertainment Weekly, Full HD With Timestamps, ENG SUB

Use the following timestamps to skip to the section you prefer:

00:00 – Show Intro
00:39 – MC Shin Hyunjoon and Park Eunyeong discussion
02:10 – Hot Click: 2NE1 Park Bom drug smuggling charges update
06:04 – Hot Click: CH actress Tang Wei marries SK director Kim Taeyong
07:38 – Reporter Kim Angella interviews actor Choi Jinhyuk
11:38 – MC discussion
13:04 – Reporter Jeong Ena interviews Joo Won
17:39 – Reporter Kim Taejin interviews “Pirates” film cast Son Yejin, Kim Namgil, Yu Haejin, Kim Taeyu
22:43 – Reporter Kim Angella interviews plum TV commercial actor Jo Sungmo
27:17 – MC discussion
28:28 – Reporter Jisook interviews actors Ha Jungwoo, Gang Dongwon, Cho Jinwoong, Ma Dongseok
34:09 – Kim Saengmin hosts Guerilla Date for actor Jung Joonyoung
41:51 – Highlights of a cast banquet marking the end of TV show “Jeong DoJeon”
48:54 – Hyun Sook donates bath van
49:48 – “LU:KUS” and “Teeanger” MV teasers during credits

[140720] KBS Music Bank Full HD Artist Timestamp English Subs ENG SUB

Hosted by Park Seojun and Bora

Skip to the below timestamps to see the artist you prefer:
0:00:00 – Bob Girls: “No Way” (wearing black miniskirts and large hair bows)
0:02:49 – MC Park Seojun and Bora, Intro + K-chart Finalists
0:03:30 – BIGFLO: “Delilah” (wearing white, paisley pattern sleeves)
0:06:09 – MC, K-Chart Rank #20-11
0:07:17 – Topp Dogg: “Top Dog” (wearing black and white)
0:10:18 – MC, Comeback Remarks
0:10:41 – Wings: “Blossom” (wearing floral print dresses)
0:13:40 – Halo: “Fever” (Debut, blue shades, waist-tied shirts)
0:17:00 – Tiny-G: “Ice Baby” (short lacy skirts, large pillows)
0:20:00 – MC, Live Interviewing f(x) and Hyomin
0:21:16 – Fiestar: “One Time” (wearing referee stripes)
0:24:28 – MC, Remarks about songs of love
0:25:12 – Untouchable: “Take Out” (black couches, wearing black/white)
0:28:38 – Got7: “A” (wearing pink and white)
0:31:39 – Nuest/Good Bye Bye Segue
0:31:49 – MAMAMOO: “Mr. Ambiguous” (wearing black and white miniskirts)
0:34:53 – MC, K-chart Rank #10-3
0:35:47 – N-SONIC: “Pop Beyond/Papillon” (dark blue sport-coats)
0:39:04 – MC, Remarks on Comeback Stage
0:39:41 – 100%: “U Beauty” (wearing white with patterned black stripes)
0:43:19 – Boyfriend: “Obsession” (wearing black and white prints)
0:46:20 – Hyomin: “Nice Body” (red plaid waist-tied shirt)
0:50:01 – MC, Live Interviewing Beast and AOA
0:51:05 – U-Kiss: “Quit Playing” (various style dark open suit-coats)
0:54:35 – MC, Remarks on #1 contenders
0:55:12 – AOA: “Short Hair” (wearing white and pastel purple) THL fav
0:58:53 – K.Will: “Day 1″ (light tan/peach pants, tiny white tie)
1:02:17 – f(x): “Milk” (wearing white with green leaf print)
1:04:32 – f(x): “Red Light” (earthtones, formal militaristic)
1:08:00 – Beast: “Good Luck” (wearing black/white solids)
1:11:28 – MC, Scores for AOA/Beast Showdown

[Video] #Giant 40-Meter #Hole Mysteriously Opens In #Siberia #Russia

According to Russian TV, a giant hole has mysteriously appeared 30 kilometers from Bovanenkovo, from the far-north Yamal Peninsula in Russia “a few days ago” as of July 16, 2014. The hole is appx 40 meters (almost half an American football field wide) internal diameter, and doesn’t appear to be man-made. One YouTuber commented that if you look at the Google Earth view, the whole peninsula itself appears to be “geographical swiss cheese” already, so yet another hole to appear might not be all that significant.

The following video is a flyby of the pit, followed by a slow-mo version of the same flyby. It would be the perfect setup for a jump-scare, if you as me (but isn’t, I promise)

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